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Our contract packaging services provide fast, cost-effective solutions, unique to each customer. We have solutions for all aspects of product packaging from design to display. We can even come on-site with our mobile packaging service saving you time and money.

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P.O.P Display Assembly
This is one of our most requested services. We have expertise in Multiple SKU and Large Display set-up. No display is too large or too complicated! Our services include all UPC and other label printing. All of our display assemblies are tested for product shipment to insure integrity.

We can over-box merchandise in re-shipper packaging, as well as package your product in retail boxes.

Heat Sealing
We can custom heat-seal your product in polyethylene pouches and bags in a wide range of sizes, providing a self-contained, hermetically sealed unit.

Shrink Wrapping
This is probably the most common of all packaging methods. It is accomplished by sealing a product in shrinkable film and sending it through a heat "tunnel" which "shrinks" the film to conform to the exact size of an outer box or product. We have the ability to shrink-wrap a variety of products. Shrink-wrapping is also a cost-efficient way to bundle one or more items into one package. We have 2 shrink wrap machines capable of 15X20X6 dimensions.

Wright Hand Packaging can produce and apply barcode labels to all types of packaging. We can also find solutions for custom labeling including design concepts, printing and securing it to your packaging. Our Bar Code Printer is capable of both UPC labels and Shipper Bar codes.

Couponing and Sampling
Couponing refers to applying a coupon to your product. This can be readily affixed to the product directly for easy removal by the end customer. Sampling includes small samples of products which can be packaged in clear plastic for consumer mailing campaigns or can be affixed to a product via a "hang tag". We can take care of both packaging and distribution of couponing and sampling campaigns.

Outsourcing Services
Wright Hand Packaging is your single-source supplier of custom services.

Our trained staff can custom-assemble gift boxes and kits, as well as offer collating, folding, re-packaging and re-labeling services for your products.

Businesses can increase profits by salvaging what appear to be waste goods. Reworking or sorting goods into sellable products can solve many excess inventory issues. Wright Hand offers a wide variety of rework solutions that address a range of problems that include manufacturing defects and shipping or packaging errors.

Wright Hand Packaging specializes in organizing and binding your presentation folders and other corporate literature. Folding services are also available.

Fulfillment Services
Our experienced staff provides a wide range of value-added services to meet your fulfillment needs. Our team can complete your orders, monitor inventory levels and provide your company and your customers the assurance of reliable, quality service on time, the first time, every time, GUARANTEED!

Pick, Pack & Ship
We can compile multiple loose units, package them, and ship your orders directly to your end users.

Reverse Logistics
Or returns, we can take the headaches out of returned goods. We will field customer returns, evaluate the returned product, and direct the returns as instructed by our client.

QA Inspections
We offer Quality Assurance inspections of your incoming merchandise. Our QA Specialists will inspect your merchandise for compliance with your standards and purchase order requirements.

Other Services
       Custom Product or Package Assembly
       Packaging Design Services

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