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Quality Assurance
We often hear the terms quality assurance and quality control used interchangeably.
However, we like to think of quality control as an reactive approach to quality: Doing inspections or taking part measurements, finding an out of specification part and fixing the process.

Whereas quality assurance is proactive: Using the information we gather in quality control with tools such as control charts to monitor processes and detect changes before the parts are out of specification. Quality assurance also incorporates customer complaints, and corrective actions to understand the root cause of quality problems and implement preventative solutions.

Everyone at Wright Hand Packaging Inc. places a deep importance on the Quality. We have been awarded the Pinnacle Award of Excellence in Sustaining Quality Assurance from one of our largest Blue Chip customers.

Wright Hand Packaging Inc. has been able to:

Reduce Record Review
Establish outstanding levels of Quality Assurance Reporting
Promote high levels of confidence in the Quality area
Speed up Quality Assurance Release process

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